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Addiction Recovery and Mental Health Counseling in Northglenn, Colorado

It's time to heal.

About Klare Recovery

Klare Recovery is a Mental Health & Recovery Organization in Northglenn, CO. Klare Recovery is supported by licensed Mental Health Professionals and a licensed Psychiatrist trained in Trauma Informed Care. Klare Recovery was founded by a Mental Health professional that has experience working on the front lines of Crisis and Recovery Services across the United States, understanding that each person’s experience with mental health and addiction is complex and requires treatment plans that are as unique as the individuals we serve. We treat a wide variety of adults and adolescents with emotional, behavioral, and substance use disorders. Klare Recovery exists to help empower individuals and provide them with the tools to overcome and heal from addiction and mental health diagnoses.

Accepting insurance and self-pay. Payment plans available.

Same Day Appointments available.


What Sets Us Apart

Expert Professional Team

We have medical doctors, licensed therapists, and people with years and years of experience with addiction recovery on the Klare team. 

Discreet and Confidential

We have experience working with people from all walks of life. We would never share your identity or information with anyone. You can be open here. 

Integrative Treatment

We target all the causes and symptoms of substance abuse, both short and long-term. Abuse is complicated - it can be caused by many different things. We understand that.


Addiction Recovery Services in Denver, CO

Adult and Adolescent Counseling Services

Case Management Services

Mental Health and Addiction Support

Medication Management

Intensive Outpatient Program for Adults and Adolescents (IOP)

Partial Hospitalization Program

Drug & Alcohol Screening Services

Group Therapy

Now accepting insurance as well as payment plans.

Meet The Team

Hannah Vannini, Chief Executive Officer
Hannah Vannini

Chief Executive Officer

Jennifer Medina, PMHNP-BC
Jennifer Medina


Alyssa Lucero, Administrative Assistant
Alyssa Lucero

Administrative Assistant

Dr. Charles Shuman, Medical Director
Dr. Charles Shuman

Medical Director

Olivia Hill, Case Manager
Olivia Hill

Case Manager

Judy Watts, Therapist, LCSW
Judy Watts

Therapist, LCSW

Carmelle Coleman, LAC, Therapist
Carmelle Coleman

LAC, Clinical Director

Daisy Allen, Administrative Assistant
Daisy Allen

Administrative Assistant

Nicole Dageenakis, Therapist
Nicole Dageenakis


Abigail Hassen, LAC, LPC,
Abigail Hassen

LAC, LPC, Therapist

Jill Sobel
Jill Sobel

Administrative Assistant


Contact Klare Recovery

11990 Grant St.

Suite 300

Northglenn, CO 80233